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Drawing with Pastels

“There are many ways to communicate in art.  My work communicates symbolically, with both the subject and materials I use.  I use a variety of drawing media.  I use colored pencils, pastels, pen and ink, and watercolor.  I also use mixed media collage, and assemblage techniques.  My images are representational and have elements of mystery, symbolism, and the human condition.  My subjects vary from a collapsing farmhouse to the despair and injustice suffered by people around the world.  A recurring theme in my work could be labeled, “discards”, or an empathetic view of the subjects upon which society has placed little value.”  (From


Drawing with Pastels (all skill levels)

Will Hildebrandt

Saturday, April 8, 2017

9 am - 3 pm


Old School Art Studio

811 D Avenue

Vinton, IA   52349


Pre-registration Required

Deadline:  April 3, 2017

For more information or to register, download workshop flyer here.

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