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Shelley Thompson

I am an Australian artist now located in Iowa.  I studied fine at art university (majoring in textiles) and have continued to create art in the various locations I have lived around the world.


I love printmaking, textiles and sculpture but have more recently been producing work in acrylics on canvas and watercolor and colored pencil for their ease and portability. In the last few years I have started to be drawn more into landscapes as a way to record and remember my travels and the emotional connection I have with the places I have been. Art is a passion of mine and when I have the time to work I feel that I am being my authentic self. 


Colored pencil on paper

Pen and watercolor on paper, Maine USA

Colored pencil on paper

Watercolor and colored pencil

Mural located in Hong Kong.
Collaborative piece.
Acrylic paint

lino self.jpg

Lino cut on paper (Self Portrait)

Acrylic on canvas (this is an abstract view of the top of a waterfall in Kakadu National Park, Australia)

Colored Pencil on Paper

Pen on Paper

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