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Community Corn Project

The Community Corn Project was a major initiative undertaken by the Guild in 2015 to create themed fiberglass corn statues and place them around the community of Vinton.  Brian Parr led the effort, assisted by Rick Poldberg, Therese Foth, and many other VGFA members and artists.  A few examples of the 20 completed statues are shown below.  


Download and print the color brochure to see photos of all of the statues, full information about artists, sponsors, and contributors, and a map to show you how to find all of them around the community. 


Thank you to all of the community sponsors who supported this effort!     

VGFA Community Art Corn Project

10 Starry, Starry Night

Artists:  Barb Floyd Campbell, Therese Foth

Sponsors:  Edwards Plumbing & Heating, Koop’s Automotive Sales & Service, Three Rivers Insurance, Dave Vermedahl

Contributors:  J & C Huber Farms

Location:  City Park, 9th Ave & Park Drive

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