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I started drawing from ads and cartoons in the Sunday paper when I was a kid.  At about 15 I started blowing out and painting goose eggs.  I was accepted to art school in Minnesota but life interrupted that education.  Growing up I tried different types of art such as clay pottery, ceramics, but mostly drawing.  I graduated, got a job and had kids.  When my kids were old enough and out of the house I picked up my pencils, charcoals and paints and once again began my artistic journey.

I have worked on a few murals (the first one at home when I was 16), alot of painting pictures on canvas and rocks.  I began taking my art to craft shows about 7 years ago until covid hit the region. 

I enjoy trying new crafts such as braided rag rugs, black out poetry, abstract painting, diamond art etc.  I joined the Guild a little more than a year ago and have enjoyed the companionship and learning new types of art along with the other members.  

cherries crop 1.jpg

Cherries and daisies. 12x12 acrylic on canvas. 

violets crop 1.jpg

Purple flowers. 8x10 acrylic on canvas

giraff crop 1.jpg

Giraffe with rose. 9x12 acrylic on canvas. Painted for my granddaughter

welcome crop 1.jpg

Welcome sunflowers.  Approx 2 ft x 3 ft. Painted on old barn wood secured together on back with metal strips. Painted for a friend. 

mission crop 1.jpg

Italian Winery. 8x12 acrylic on canvas. Painted from picture found in magazine.

pour crop 1.jpg

Make Today Amazing.  Approx 3x5 ft acrylic pour paint on canvas. Made for my grandson to begin his day with. 


NINE piece Nativity set. Latex paint on wood, with polyurethane.  Approx 4 ft tall.  Painted for Urbana Chistian Church.


Jose.  15 inch cement figure. I completely removed all old paint and repainted with acrylic paint and covered in polyurethane as it an outside fixture. 

Peacock crop1.jpg

Peacock.  Large. Acrylic on canvas. Commissioned piece. 

pots crop 1.jpg

Clay pots. Acrylic on clay. Painted for family reunion. 

church drawing rotated 1.jpg

Pencil drawing of Urbana Christian Church.  9x12 on sketch pad. Gift for former pastor. 


Garden cake.  9x13 homemade cake with fondant garden vegetables, wooden fence.  Made for my dad's 80th birthday. 

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